Meet The Team


Wealthcorp Capital is managed by a highly specialised team with an established track record to back it. Our mission is to allow access into property development from everyday investors that wouldn't have been able to do so otherwise. Property is our passion, so join us and let us empower you to build your own successful portfolio.

Our Team


Jacky Cheung

Managing Director

Jacky has over 8 years of experience in Investment Banking and Asset Management. With working experience in both Hong Kong and China and an extensive network with high net-worth clients in Asia, he was responsible for managing the investment portfolios of many high net-worth clients. In 2011 he started investing in small-scale development projects across Melbourne with his own funds. With his acute knowledge in both investment and property fields, he achieved remarkable success and quickly expanded to larger-scale development projects. In 2015 he co-founded WealthCorp Property Group with his partner Jimmy Lim with a vision of helping investors achieve financial success by making real estate development easy and approachable. Over the years Wealthcorp has managed over 20 development projects worth over $100 Million of properties for many of his clients.