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Property Development Fund with a Fixed Return of 12%p.a.

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* Note that this is a No Obligation Expression of interest, you get to review the Prospectus before making any decisions

Project FAQs

1. What is Wealthcorp Capital?

Wealthcorp is Australia’s premier Real Estate Co-investing platform. We connect our investors to quality development projects via our investment platform. This opportunity also provides diversification across multiple projects. By pulling your funds with those of like-minded investors you can invest in development projects that are typically out of reach to everyday investors.

2. Isn't the Wealthcorp Capital platform just crowdfunding?

Simply, no, this is not crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is essentially donations. When crowdfunding, the funder (investor) usually has no right to receive anything in return and has no security for the donation. Furthermore, the user of the funds (borrower) has no certainty that they will receive all the funding they need.

3. Where are your developments located?

Wealthcorp Group have completed developments across Melbourne and with the collected and analysed data from our Real Estate partners which enables us to develop projects in highly sourced areas.

4. What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

The minimum amount that can be invested by an individual Investor is $10,000 (AUD).

5. Can I pick the length of my fixed term?

While you can’t pick which project you invest in, the fund has projects with an estimated fixed term determined by their size, location and other relevant factors. These terms usually vary between 12 – 24 months.

6. What is the return on investment?

The return is fixed at 12% per annum when investing via the Wealthcorp Capital Investment Fund.

7. I’ve read that Wealthcorp Capital are offering 12% pa fixed return, net of all fees. What does net of all fees mean?

It means that your 12% annual fixed return is guaranteed after all fees and other costs have been accounted for. To check out the fees and other costs that you may be charged, download a copy of the Wealthcorp Capital Prospectus Here.

8. What does ‘fixed return’ mean?

Fixed means the return is fixed and the investor isn’t exposed to downside risk in the specific project, nor do they share in any upside above 12%.

9. Are my returns guaranteed?

The fixed return is contractually guaranteed, but as with any investment there is no explicit 100% guarantee, in the same way that returns from term deposits at banks are not explicitly guaranteed.

10. When is the return paid to investors?

The return is generally paid upon completion of the fixed term. Eg. 12% per annum over a 2 year fixed term will result in a 24% return on investment at the completion of the 2 year fixed term.

11. How do I receive my return?

Returns will be paid directly into your nominated bank account or otherwise as agreed between you and the project owner.

12. How are investment opportunities chosen?

Wealthcorp Capital only presents projects to investors after a detailed due diligence process is conducted. Additionally, each investment opportunity is selected based on a number of factors, including property characteristics, suburb growth, yield returns, market conditions and independent data.

13. Am I able to withdraw my investment funds before the end of the published term for the investment opportunity?

Generally, no, prospective investors should expect that the capital they have invested will remain in the investment opportunity for the duration of the advertised fixed term.

14. What is the average investment amount?

The average investment for first time investors is approximately $50,000.

15. Can everyone invest in the opportunities listed here?

Typically most offers here will be made on the back of a Prospectus and will be open to Retail investors across worldwide.

16. Can I invest using funds from my SMSF?

Yes, you can! However, we are not able to provide you with financial advice and recommend you consult with a trusted and qualified financial advisor before making a decision to invest with Wealthcorp Capital.

17. What are the tax implications of this investment?

We cannot give you Tax advice, please consult your Tax adviser. You should also review the Prospectus which may have details about the tax impact of that particular investment.

18. How Do I Apply To Invest?

Step 1: Go to our website at wealthcorpcapital.estatebaron.com
Step 2: Click Invest Now
Step 3: Read the prospectus
Step 4: Complete the online application

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